AFA Wetting agent

AFA Wetting Agent

AIM AFA Wetting agent replaces I.P.A. in the pressroom and has been designed
to improve print results and reduce the water settings through the
dampening system.
· Improved start up speeds
· Reduce your water settings by up to 30%
· Reduced ink settings
· Obtain cleaner quicker start ups with faster colour balance
· Faster drying as less dampening on the press
· Backing up will be quicker allowing a faster work rate
· Higher dot and sharper dot gain with brighter colours
· Pleasant low odour
Start-up we recommend;
Fount percentage @ 3 %
AIM AFA Wetting Agent to be set at 4 %
Once the products settles on press it may be possible to reduce the Wetting
Agent down to 3 %
Designed for dosing through the Technotrans Alcosmart AZR Unit to measure
accurate dosage rates.
Finite Measuring / Dosing capability down to 0.10%
Proven history shows that the AIM AFA may be used as low as 2% in solution
and still achieve all the impressive features and benefits.

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