Ethanol Allergen Free


AIM Ethanol’s are manufactured in Australia to exacting standards.

Ethanol with 5% IPA is a medium grade Ethanol with a low odour.

DAA is a 100% industrial Methylated spirits.

IMS is 95% industrial Methylated spirits.

AIM Group Pty Ltd hereby certifies that all the ingredients used to manufacture

Ethanol Products at Shoalhaven Starches, NSW
facility do not contain any allergens derived from the following materials.

Abalone, Apple, Aspatame, Bee Pollen, Beef,  Buckwheat, Caffiene (Kola Beverages), Coconut,
Crab, Crustacea and products Egg and egg products Fish and fish products.
Gelatin, Guarana, Kiwi Fruit, Mackerel,Milk and milk products Mushroom Mustard Nuts & Sesame Seeds,
Orange, Peach, Peanuts, Phytoserol Esters, Pork, Potassium Salts, Poultry Propolis, Quinine, Royal Jelly, Salmon, Sesame Seeds,
Shrimp, Soy, Squid, Sucralose, Sulphites >10ppm Taroroot Unpasteurised Egg and egg products
Unpasteurised Milk and milk products.

The above products are not used on the site.
There is no chance of cross contamination from these allergens as ethanol is produced on dedicated production lines.

Ethanol is classed as Gluten Free as per FSANZ requirements.
Ethanol can also be declared as BSE/TSE free as it is derived from 100% wheat.
Ethanol has a nil protein content. Ethanol can be classed as GMO free.

This statement covers all Ethanol products.
No animal testing is undertaken with Ethanol products.
Ethanol does not have a Shelf Life or Best Before date;

Recommended use within 2 years of batch date


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