Isoroll PL


Metal Working Lubricant

Isoroll PL is Non-regulated, Non-flammable High Paraffin Blend for superior rolling
of Purlins and Heavier Steels. Paraffin’s have the lowest odour of any hydrocarbon
solvent in the Isoroll range.

A very low odour solvent that is a convenient and pleasant alternative to
Mineral Turpentine, White Spirit or Kerosene.

Use Isoroll PL when a low ‘odour’ solvent is required.
High flash point; Isoroll PL is not classed as flammable.
Low aromatic content ensures lower potential for attack of plastics and rubbers.

Spec Gravity 0.752 – .780g/ml
Flash Point 62 + deg C
Boiling Range 180 deg C – 230 deg C

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