Truck & Vehicle Wash

Truck & Vehicle Wash

For the quick removal of grease and road grime


  • Removes stubborn grease & grime
    Removes insect build up
    Will not harm paint
    Safe to use on aluminium
    Phosphate free
    For Domestic or Commercial use


TRUCK WASH is specifically designed for use on trucks, buses and heavy machinery
to remove the most stubborn grease, road grime and insect build up with
the minimum of manual effort.
TRUCK WASH is completely safe on all types of paint and aluminium surfaces.


Product should be applied to the vehicle by a detergent dispensing pressure sprayer at
the recommended dilution of 40 parts water to 1 part detergent.
A rich lather will result which should be allowed to cling to the surface for as long as
possible before rinsing off under pressure.
Can also be applied by hand.
Thoroughly rinse after application of product.

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