W8 30 Mould & Mildew remover

W8 30 Mould & Mildew remover


Outdoor Moss, Mould , Mildew, Algae & Slime remover

W8 30 is a Concentrated Formula – Can be diluted up to 50% with water

Clean and restore outdoor surfaces:

· Wood,

· Concrete,
· Asphalt,
· Brick,
· Canvas,
· Plastic

· Vinyl

Fast acting – instant results
Spray on and hose or pressure wash off
Coverage depends on porosity of surface
Cleans stains from Algae, Mould and Mildew
Active ingredient: Sodium Hypochlorite, Flocculants with Surfactants to aide cleaning.
Always test in inconspicuous surface before use.

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