WDSL Penetrating oil

WDSL Penetrating Oil & Corrosion inhibitor

WDSL Penetrant Spray is a specialised blend of solvents,
modified vegetable oils and corrosion inhibitors designed to loosen
rusted or stuck parts, and works to remove grease and grime from a
variety of surfaces.

WDSL’s fast acting formula can be used on pipes, fittings, locks,
chains, nuts, lug nuts, tools or almost anything else that needs
It can also help to prevent rust and corrosion occurring.

Apply with spray bottle or dip
Liberally coat the parts to be loosened.
Allow a few minutes for penetraon. If needed re-apply.
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· Lubricates Moving Parts
· Frees Stuck Parts
· Protects Against Rust and Corrosion
· Displaces Moisture
· Removes Grime and Rust
· Protects tools & parts in storage
· Harmless to Most Plastics
· Safe on Metal, Paint, & Rubber
· Contains No CFC’s or Chlorinated Solvents
· Silicone-Free
· Cleans Tar, Grease, Rust, and Adhesives

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